Reclaimed, Recycled, Repurposed


Welcome to Brooklyn Reclamation, we love to reclaim, recycle, repurpose products for everyday use. Upcycling reduces the worlds carbon footprint and gives you some one-off quality goods!!

On our site, we have a collection of posts to give you tips on how to do your own upcycling. We have also souced a lot of different products and info products that we know you will interest you.

reclaimed woodworking furniture
Reclaimed, Recycled, Repurposed



Upcycling is a great way to save money and help our environment. I have been doing this for several years now, and I have done everything from reuse plastic water bottles to give them new life to refurbish an old couch and turn it into a beautiful coffee table. There are several different ways you can go about this, and I will go over one here in just a second. The first is to find what you are going to use and then look online or at a thrift store for an old one. You can then use an old seat cushion to make your chair. Most of us will not even know the people we are sleeping within our dreams. So try using an old chair and a couple of old pillows to make a perfect futon.

Another way to recycle old products is to take old toys and old paper plates and turn them into another great thing that you can sell. Many of us toss our unwanted Christmas items and toys out before Christmas because they are not needed. Go through your house and see what is left. If there is nothing, save some by turning it into a pillow, a few cups, a toilet paper roll, a pack of throw away books, and of course some recycled paper towels. You can put those things in your own yard to be sold or sell them online at a garden shop. You can even make some money selling trinkets for others.

You can also take an old poster or old carpet and upcycle it into a work of art. You can find good posters at thrift stores, post offices, malls, and home improvements stores. These old things that are upcycled will give you many hours of entertainment and some money as well. There are many other ways you can upcycle your items and make some extra money. Just remember to pick the right thing for the right price and be creative.